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    3126打法Henry nodded his head. "Perhaps I don't so much as I mean to. But it's the best thing to try to. You get far more that way."


    Then he remembered where he should be. He put on his overcoat again and hurried down the dark stairs into the street. The first of the autumn fogs was making a shy, half-confident appearance, peeping into Panton Street, rolling a little towards the Comedy Theatre, then frightened at the lights tumbling back and running down the hill towards Westminster. In Whitehall it plucked up courage to stay a little while, and[Pg 223] bunched itself around the bookshop on one side and the Horse Guards on the other and became quite black in the face peeping into Scotland Yard. Near the Houses of Parliament it was shy again, and crept away after writhing itself for five minutes around St. Margaret's, up into Victoria Street, where it suddenly kicked its heels in the air, snapped its fingers at the Army and Navy Stores, and made itself as thick and confusing as possible round Victoria Station, so that passengers went to wrong destinations and trains snorted their irritation and annoyance.
    With a smile of infinite wisdom he moved away. Henry stumbled up to his room.
    All this made him very sick and put him into an agony of desire to seize Christina and deliver her from the horrible place, but until now he had not thought of any plan, and one of his principal difficulties was that he could never succeed in being with Christina alone.


    1."When do you go to your old Baronet?"
    2.He laughed. Nothing in life could disconcert him!
    3."Yes, after nearly twenty years. Of course I don't mean that that's a trouble. But she's ill—very ill indeed. She's very unhappy. She's had a terrible time."
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